Global South

Supporting and empowering climate-resilient, thriving Global South communities through radical implementation


can avoid climate displacement by 2050


can gain access to electricity


can be employed in energy jobs by 2030

We Must

Strengthen climate and economic resilience

Deliver clean energy solutions where they are most needed

Empower vulnerable communities to have an ownership stake in their future

RMI Will

Ensure communities have access to affordable, reliable, and clean power—while enhancing resilience and addressing energy poverty.

Bring together governments and utilities to plan and scale clean energy solutions to augment existing grids and increase access.

Unlock and mobilize the critical finance needed to reduce energy poverty and dependence on fossil fuels.

Facilitate communities of practice to incubate and connect climate leaders driving local energy transitions.

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RMI is accelerating distributed energy resources as a conduit for clean, affordable, and equitable power.

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Dr. James Fletcher

Managing Director of Soloricon

We can put all of our countries on a path to sustainable development by making the investments in our infrastructure, in our social services, in our environment.

Is “Natural” Gas a Solution?

RMI believes that each nation, particularly in the Global South, has a sovereign right to choose its own path to economic development, and any promotion of renewable energy should be driven by national decision makers. As such, we are actively carrying out deep analysis and research and working with leaders on the ground to understand the political economy through regulatory support and investment preparation. With this profound empirical engagement, it is increasingly clear that current efforts to develop new infrastructure for “natural” gas should be reconsidered. Distributed energy resources such as solar, wind, efficiency, and battery storage, are cheaper, more inclusive, and resilient in spurring local economic growth. More in-depth country-specific energy planning is required to determine what, if any, role natural gas should play in the Global South.

What We Do

RMI’s Global South Program works across three core geographies - Africa, Southeast Asia, and island nations - to address barriers to the energy transition and achieve radical implementation at scale. RMI tackles these challenges using upstream, midstream, downstream, and cross-cutting interventions.

In the upstream, we demonstrate inclusive energy planning and policy processes that create the enabling environment for investment. In the mid-stream, we test and pilot projects to address a wide range of energy needs. Downstream, we provide climate finance access support to countries that have not received their fair share of funding. Cross-cutting all of this is our unique approach to capacity building and workforce development.

  • Africa Energy Program

    Stimulating thriving economies and communities by expanding reliable energy access and accelerating clean energy adoption.

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  • Islands Energy Program

    Partnering with island nations to transition to resilient, affordable, distributed clean energy sources that benefit all.

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  • Southeast Asia

    Prioritizing energy independence, fossil fuel transitions, inclusive economic development, and clean urban environments for a secure energy future.

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  • Energy Transition Academy

    Empowering energy professionals to be leaders in clean energy locally and climate action globally.

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  • Climate Finance Access Network

    Unlocking climate finance by building lasting capacity in developing countries.

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