Climate Intelligence

Accelerating Decarbonization Through Climate Data, Insights, and Action


years on average to get national emissions data


companies have committed to emissions targets

We Must

Have timely, high quality, context relevant, trusted data

Translate emissions data into intelligence

Use climate intelligence to align decisions with 1.5C pathway

RMI Will

Support the establishment of open-source data platforms; tap artificial intelligence and machine-learning technologies to access better data.

Leverage emissions data to improve accountability for climate targets and to catalyze markets for low-emissions products and services.

Partner with decision makers in business, finance, and policy to develop metrics and standards for climate-aligned pathways, products, and services.

RMI is creating a climate intelligence system that will use emissions data to catalyze the development of low-emissions market choices.

Market Levers

Data Transparency

Make real-time emissions data easily accessible and transparent


Use satellites, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to improve emissions data


Leverage finance as an influence channel

Business Models

Apply business models to facilitate use cases


Create robust standards and data transparency for low-carbon commodities and products

What We Do

We collaborate with a global network of businesses, financial institutions, and policymakers to provide data and insights that are accurate and actionable, ultimately enabling emissions reductions across the largest economies and sectors. Our work focuses not only on identifying emerging opportunities for climate action, but also on quantifying the risks of climate inaction.

Supply Chain Emissions

Streamline emissions reporting and attribution across products, corporations, and countries to support markets for low-emissions products.

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Oil and Gas

Advancing emissions transparency through the Climate Action Engine, an analytical platform supporting methane emissions reductions.

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