Oil & Gas Solutions Initiative

Oil & Gas Solutions Initiative

The scientific consensus is clear: swift and decisive action is needed to stabilize the planet at 1.5oC. This calls for immediate reductions in oil and gas sector greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, including methane—an extremely potent GHG that constitutes a major share of oil and gas industry emissions. To meet this critical climate goal, RMI is ingesting and analyzing timely, transparent, and trusted data to catalyze climate-informed decisions by companies, investors, policymakers, NGOs, and consumers.

Climate Action Engine

Advancing emissions transparency and actionable insights through the Climate Action Engine, a multitiered data analytics platform that targets GHG emissions reductions.

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Climate TRACE

Identifying global oil and gas GHG emissions using satellite image processing, artificial intelligence, and advanced modeling, as a founding member of the Climate TRACE coalition.

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Creating an independent certification standard to differentiate natural gas by its methane emissions, industry practices, and monitoring techniques to provide transparent accountability and reduce GHG emissions.

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Carbon Mapper

Accelerating the reduction of global methane and carbon dioxide emissions through the use of hyperspectral satellite constellations that will pinpoint and measure emissions at the scale of individual facilities with verifiable high accuracy.


Climate Intelligence Program's Oil & Gas Solutions Initiative

Learn more about our work to drive rapid, immediate greenhouse gas emissions reductions in the oil and gas sector.

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Climate Action Engine Video Demonstration

Learn how to measure oil & gas methane emissions

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Making Emissions Visible

A Clear Path to Insights and Action for the Oil and Gas Industry

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Climate Intelligence Is Business Intelligence

Reducing Exposure and Improving Performance in the Real Economy

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Climate Intelligence Press Release

Rocky Mountain Institute Launches Platform to Accurately Measure and Visualize Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Climate Week 2020 Webinar:

Climate Intelligence for the Oil and Gas Industry and Beyond

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