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From RMI Interns to Pioneers in Financial Sector Sustainability
Two former RMI interns now run a company advising private market investors on how to take meaningful action on ESG.
Closing the Gender Gap in the Climate Change Space
For International Women’s Day, we highlight some of RMI’s efforts to address gender issues in our work. 
Women Making Change
To kick off Women’s History Month, we’d like to introduce you to some of the RMI women who are working for a clean sustainable future.
Dispatch from Nigeria
On a visit to Africa’s biggest economy, RMI’s Jon Creyts finds rising demand for solar solutions.
How Utilities Can Save Customers Billions of Dollars
If utilities modernize the way they select the resources they run each day, they can save carbon and reduce energy prices.
RMI’s Most Read Stories of 2022
From Putin’s War to the climate bill, a year packed with unprecedented energy and climate news drove engagement with RMI’s most read stories.
‘Tis the Season Not to Argue
How to discuss climate change at your holiday dinner without picking a fight.
Fighting for a Just Transition for Coal Communities
RMI Manager Jeremy Richardson, from a third-generation coal mining family, is working to ensure coal communities benefit from the energy transition.
Global South
Hurricane-Proof Energy for Puerto Rico
Puerto Rican energy expert Javier Rúa discusses how the Inflation Reduction Act can strengthen the island's brittle energy system.
From Poverty to Power in Pembroke
In Illinois, a rural Black farming community shows that energy efficiency and electrification of appliances can lead to economic justice, without the need for more fossil fuel infrastructure. The program behind this success offers a template for other states to follow.