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Sharing the Power: Nigerian Community Takes Charge of Their Energy Development
Chief Alhaja Akamo, the Onigbaje (head of commerce) of Mokoloki town, owns a shop selling biscuits, chips, soap, hard liquor, beer, and most importantly, ice, cold water, and soda drinks, much appreciated in the sweltering, sweat-inducing 90°F (30°C) heat. Akamo’s well-stocked shop, which she operates with her sister, is a…
Catherine Coleman Flowers: A Disruptor in the Best Sense
RMI’s newest board member brings environmental justice issues front and center.
Dispatch from Mumbai: Experiencing the Urban Gem of Palava
Thoughts from a visit to India’s model net-zero energy city.
Global South
How to Hold Back a Storm: Financing Critical Infrastructure Projects in the Caribbean
In the rainy season, storms pummel Saint Lucia, a small Eastern Caribbean Island nation. When they hit, the torrential rain and flooding forces local systems to shut down — the aging infrastructure is simply not designed to handle those levels of inundation. This is especially true in the rural areas,…
Ted Owens: In Pursuit of Practical Magic
RMI donor (and great-nephew of Dr. Seuss) Ted Owens discusses his journey toward caring about the environment and the influences and projects that have deepened his learning along the way.
Spreading Smoke, Rising Risks
We talk with RMIers about how wildfires and air pollution have touched their lives and drive their work.
A Collective Effort to Increase Energy Access in Nigeria
RMI’s Energy Transition Academy is bringing Nigeria’s energy leaders together to ensure the workforce is prepared for the energy transition.
Keeping the Catch Fresh with a Solar Minigrid
In Kiguna, Nigeria, a solar minigrid-powered cold room reduces post-harvest losses and increases profits for fishers and fish traders.
Driving Climate Action with Pride
As Pride month kicks off, meet some of the inspiring LGBTQ+ staff at RMI who are working every day for a prosperous, zero-carbon future for all.
Global South
JETPs 101: Helping Emerging Economies Go from Coal to Clean
How Just Energy Transition Partnerships can help coal-dependent developing nations in their energy transition.