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Global South
JETPs 101: Helping Emerging Economies Go from Coal to Clean
How Just Energy Transition Partnerships can help coal-dependent developing nations in their energy transition.
Global South
Improving Food Security for Subsistence Farmers
Tens of thousands of Papua New Guineans will have improved agriculture and more resilient communities thanks to RMI’s Climate Finance Access Network.
Donor Impact Stories
Nag Rao Is Changing America’s Landscape
A successful software engineer decides to start a green business, literally.
Global South
“We are Abaco Strong” — The Bahamas Inspiring Resilience at Scale
Solar and storage solutions are changing lives in the Caribbean nation.
Urban Transformation
Bringing Solar Power to the People
By addressing equity issues, RMI’s Solarize cohorts have made rooftop solar and lower electricity bills available to more people around the country.
Global South
Lessons from the Caribbean: How to Empower Local Energy Leaders
Caribbean energy professionals lean on experiential learning and peer collaboration to advance the energy transition.
From RMI Interns to Pioneers in Financial Sector Sustainability
Two former RMI interns now run a company advising private market investors on how to take meaningful action on ESG.
Closing the Gender Gap in the Climate Change Space
For International Women’s Day, we highlight some of RMI’s efforts to address gender issues in our work. 
Women Making Change
To kick off Women’s History Month, we’d like to introduce you to some of the RMI women who are working for a clean sustainable future.
Dispatch from Nigeria
On a visit to Africa’s biggest economy, RMI’s Jon Creyts finds rising demand for solar solutions.