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New White House ‘Buy Clean’ Guidance Targets Huge Emissions Hidden in Building Materials
White House announced “Buy Clean” recommendations that will advance green building materials procurement for federal building and transportation projects.
Global South
Max Lainfiesta: Building a Career and Cutting-Edge Energy Project Models to Extend Renewable Energy Access Globally
Max Lainfiesta grew up in Guatemala alongside solar water heaters, wind turbines, and innovative renewable energy experiments.
How Local Governments and Communities Are Taking Action to Get Fossil Fuels out of Buildings
Nearly 28 million Americans across 12 states now live in a jurisdiction where local policies favor fossil fuel-free, healthy buildings.
US Policy
Landmark Deal Resets US Climate and Clean Energy Goals, Lifts Prospects for Global Progress
Washington has reached a far-reaching deal on clean energy and climate policy that dramatically improves the outlook for global efforts to prevent dangerous planetary warming. With $369 billion in tax tweaks and new spending, the deal would be the largest and most ambitious clean energy investment in US history.
Clean Energy 101: Heat Pumps
Why heat pumps are a cost-effective and climate-friendly solution for extreme heat waves and frigid winters.
US Policy
How Fast-Growing Colorado is Tackling its Transportation Emissions
From Denver smog to jammed mountain highways, Colorado is focusing on transportation to solve congestion, pollution, and climate problems.
Climate Intelligence
Clean Energy 101: The REC Market
Amid a drumbeat of expert studies calling for urgent climate action, underscored by increasingly frequent extreme weather events and natural disasters, people across the United States are looking for ways to support the clean energy transition. Renewable energy certificates (RECs) are one way that an individual or business can…
Global South
Changemakers of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow
Investing in the people on the ground and the institutional talent to do the work is critical to a successful energy transition in the Caribbean and beyond.
Clean Energy 101: Electric Trucks
Trucks are going electric, from your favorite pickup, to the delivery van dropping off your packages, to the big rigs that haul freight across the interstates.
Transforming Urban Mobility
After almost five years away from home studying transport planning in Europe, a Pune native returning home noticed a surprising evolution in the city’s mobility system.