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Celebrating AAPI Month at RMI
May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, a time to honor those whose roots lie across the Pacific and beyond. RMI is proud of the diversity among its 700 staff based not only in the United States but throughout the world, including staff in Beijing,…
US Policy
How Federal Clean Energy Dollars Are Supporting First Responders
Boosted by clean energy tax credits in the Inflation Reduction Act, a net-zero energy public safety center in McFarland, Wisconsin is benefitting firefighters, police officers, and the wider community.
Low-Cost, Reliable Electricity for Nigerian Businesses: Nigeria’s First DisCo-Enabled Hybrid Solar Project
This article was originally published as a contributed article in The Guardian Nigeria. Mohammed Akar is the general manager of The Wood Factory, a leading manufacturer of high-end furniture, doors, and home and office interiors, based in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja. In his 16 years of working at…
US Policy
Aaron Brickman: Bringing Clean Technology Investment to Regions across the United States
This RMI investment expert travels the country with his passion for clean energy and economic development.
Global South
Caribbean Women Are Making Waves in Clean Energy
Meet three women who are leading the clean energy transition through education, mentorship, and community.
Climate Data
Dispatch from the MethaneSAT Launch: A New Era of Emissions Transparency and Accountability
As more "eyes in the sky" make their way into orbit, methane emissions transparency is no longer a pipe dream.
Creating Sustainable Communities through Systems Thinking and Integrative Design
Architect and long-time RMI donor Helen J. Kessler finds hope in the future generation of environmental designers and activists.
Hadia Sheerazi: Championing Equitable, Inclusive, Just, and Sustainable Outcomes for the Energy Transition
This RMI manager is helping the highest-emitting industrial sectors cut their climate pollution in equitable and inclusive ways.
Driving Women-Made Climate Solutions
As we celebrate Women’s History Month, meet some of the RMI women working to change our world for the better.
Sharing the Power: Nigerian Community Takes Charge of Their Energy Development
Chief Alhaja Akamo, the Onigbaje (head of commerce) of Mokoloki town, owns a shop selling biscuits, chips, soap, hard liquor, beer, and most importantly, ice, cold water, and soda drinks, much appreciated in the sweltering, sweat-inducing 90°F (30°C) heat. Akamo’s well-stocked shop, which she operates with her sister, is a…