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We’re catalyzing massive market growth for buildings that are more productive, valuable, healthy, and safe for the people who occupy them, society, and the planet.

In the United States alone, we aim to reduce 390 trillion BTU’s for 4 billion square feet of space. This is the equivalent of decommissioning 17 coal-power plants. The buildings in which we work, live, learn, and play threaten our climate, our economy, and our health while also posing an increasing financial risk to owners and investors. As the biggest consumers of power, buildings can literally make or break the critical transition to a low-carbon energy future.


Pathways to Zero

We are catalyzing the market for superefficient and net-zero buildings and districts that vault NZE from niche to mainstream—demonstrating how going zero can save energy and money, reduce environmental impact, increase resilience, and better improve occupant health, comfort, and productivity.

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Portfolio Energy Optimization

Portfolio Energy Optimization is creating a disruptive and scalable approach to commercial building retrofits that have been left behind by the traditional retrofit approach, driving deep financial and energy savings in this critical sector.

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REALIZE aims to catalyze the zero carbon residential revolution. Together, we’ll make better performing, safer, and more comfortable homes for all American families while spurring wealth and job creation in communities across the country, especially those that have been economically left behind.

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Residential Energy+

We aim to unlock U.S. homeowner investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy to create better homes for our families, our pocketbooks, and the environment, preventing 23 million metric tons of carbon emissions and improving quality of life.

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We work in both developed and developing markets to increase demand for more productive buildings by demonstrating exceptional value—beyond energy cost savings—to owners, occupants, and the environment.

We are shifting the paradigm of building energy use from one focused on cost reduction, to one focused on energy productivity; supporting the global transition to a clean, cost-effective, renewably-powered electricity system.