Carbon-Free Buildings

Powering Our Homes​ and Businesses Without​ Fossil Fuels​


of global energy GHG emissions


increased asthma risk in homes with gas stoves


rate that building emissions have risen since 2010

We Must

Construct only zero-carbon buildings

Retrofit 5% of buildings annually

Ensure electric and efficient appliances

RMI Will

Raise public awareness of health and climate costs of fossil fuels in buildings.

Design and advocate for carbon-free buildings policies in 20 key US states that represent 70% of direct gas use.

Retrofit large numbers of existing buildings to be all-electric, grid-interactive, and efficient.

Create buildings industry platforms to support dissemination of technology, supply chain development, and business-led interventions.

Leverage US successes to influence global supply chains and scale to China, India, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

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RMI is ending reliance on fossil fuels to power and construct our built environment, bringing buildings to the forefront of a clean energy future.

Market Levers

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Business Models

Scale retrofits to 5% of global buildings annually

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Enact policies to support electrification and building standards

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New less costly zero-carbon building technologies

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Funnel investment to support retrofit uptake

What We Do

  • Building Electrification

    Driving the technical, policy, and regulatory solutions to accelerate the transition to all-electric buildings.

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    REALIZE aims to catalyze the zero carbon residential revolution. Together, we’ll make better performing, safer, and more comfortable homes for all American families while spurring wealth and job creation in communities across the country, especially those that have been economically left behind.

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  • Embodied Carbon Initiative

    Accelerating low-embodied-carbon construction practices by transforming policy, corporate investment, material manufacturing, and building design.

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  • Pathways to Zero

    Reducing buildings’ climate impact through zero-carbon road mapping, grid interactive buildings, and low-embodied carbon materials.

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  • Zetro Energy

    A disruptive and scalable approach to commercial building retrofits, driving deep financial and energy savings.

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  • Residential Energy+

    Customer-focused solutions that empower and motivate US homeowners to invest in home energy performance improvements.

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