REALIZE aims to catalyze the zero carbon residential revolution. Together, we’ll make better performing, safer, and more comfortable homes for all American families while spurring wealth and job creation in communities across the country, especially those that have been economically left behind.


REALIZE is a market facilitation platform that seeks to establish high volume net zero carbon retrofit delivery programs across the US. Market facilitation activities include aggregating retrofit demand while coordinating the supply chain to deploy high-quality, prefabricated retrofit packages that are easy to install and are financed through utility cost savings.

Our vision is a future where buildings are heated, cooled, and powered using renewable, non-greenhouse gas emitting resources and where historically disenfranchised communities are fully included in the benefits and can take part in the new workforce it will take to get there.

Why It Matters

Buildings are the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions globally. Building construction and operations are responsible for 40% of carbon dioxide emissions, totaling 14 gigatons per year. Indoor pollutant levels may be 2 to 5 and as much as 100 times higher indoors, where people spend 90% of their lives.

The U.S. buildings sector is the #1 source of air-pollution-related premature deaths. In order to reverse this trend of unhealthy air, we must eliminate 50% of buildings-related emissions by 2030. Retrofits are an important part of the solution to reduce these emissions.


REALIZE is inspired by Energiesprong, an innovative model from the Netherlands. A public-private partnership, Energiesprong has implemented zero energy retrofits to the tune of almost 5,000 units over the past five years, with another 100,000 planned across Europe..

What We're Doing

Advanced Building Construction Collaborative

REALIZE is a member of the Advanced Building Construction (ABC) Collaborative. REALIZE supports the ABC Collaborative’s mission to coordinate various market actors to accelerate the research and development and deployment of high-performance building systems into the U.S. construction sector for new buildings and retrofits.

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Regional Market Facilitation

REALIZE works with local stakeholders and suppliers to establish regional project delivery platforms for building decarbonization retrofit packages, with REALIZE-CA (California) as our flagship program. The goal is for the delivery platform to streamline everything from financing, to permitting, to the installation process for a set of turnkey net-zero retrofit solutions.

Retrofit Package Demonstrations

Supported by awards from the U.S. Department of Energy and the California Energy Commission, REALIZE is launching several pilots to demonstrate Energiesprong-like retrofit packages. These projects seek to test the efficacy of these solutions while organizing the supply chain to develop more integrated retrofit systems for deployment across the multifamily housing market.

Standards and Guidelines

Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) is a core partner of REALIZE and the ABC Collaborative. PHIUS is focused on optimizing performance standards and establishing design guidelines for more industrialized approaches to implementing retrofit technologies. Guidelines and performance standards will be published on an ongoing basis as they are made available regionally.

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Zero Over Time

REALIZE offers an innovative approach for multifamily portfolio owners to improve their existing building stock and set building portfolios on a financially viable path to achieve zero-energy and zero-carbon emissions. The zero-over-time approach provides a portfolio-wide roadmap for undertaking deep energy and water efficiency, electrification, renewable energy, and energy storage projects that are timed with major building life-cycle events, or triggers.

The 2019 Boston Contractor Academy begins October 24.

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Inclusive Economy

REALIZE supports partners such as the Emerald Cities Collaborative to recruit and train people of color and women contractors, connecting them to project opportunities and readying them for taking on bigger and more complex projects.

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Funding Partners

Department of Energy


California Energy Commission


New York State Energy Research and Development Authority




Passive House Institute US


Emerald Cities Collaborative


The Levy Partnership


Re:Vision Architecture


Staengl Engineering


Association for Energy Affordability


University of California Davis


San Francisco Department of Environment


Prospect Silicon Valley


Integral Group


David Baker Architects


Stone Energy Associates


Our Team

James Mandel
Managing Director

martha campbell headshot

Martha Campbell

maura mooney

Maura Mooney
Program Coordinator

Amy Egerter

lucas toffoli headshot

Lucas Toffoli

Brett Webster

Adam Parker
Market Consultant

Maggie Huang
Senior Associate

Request for Proposals

REALIZE regularly leads demonstration projects that require design, engineering, manufacturing, and monitoring services.

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Prefabricated Zero Energy Retrofit Technologies

A Market Assessment

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Zero Over Time Brochure

REALIZE: Catalyzing a Zero-Carbon Residential Revolution

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Energiesprong Monitoring and Performance Webinar

Factory Zero tells us more about their monitoring systems and performance monitoring to manage maintenance needs, tenant behavior, and to ensure savings in retrofit buildings.

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Energiesprong Dutch Field Trip Webinar

REALIZE observations from an August 2018 field trip to Energiesprong projects in the Netherlands

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MEP Insight Brief

Sizing the market for integrated, all-electric mechanical systems, 2018

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Feasibility Resource

Techno Economic Study: How To Guide

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Blogs, Videos and Articles

New York’s Real Climate Challenge: Its Aging Buildings

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Social Equity, Affordable Housing, and the Net-Zero Energy Opportunity

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Energiesprong Scaling in Europe

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