Carbon-Free Electricity

Accelerating the Transition to Clean Electricity Around the World


of global energy GHG emissions


jobs created in renewables by 2030


increase in electricity demand to decarbonize other sectors

We Must

Scale clean energy portfolios

Build clean, competitive, modern grids

Make utilities clean energy champions

RMI Will

Prove that clean energy portfolios are the highest-value resource via analysis and support to global utilities and regulators.

Establish best-practice wholesale market design and empower grid system planners to support high penetrations of renewables.

Develop utility decarbonization pathways, partner on lighthouse examples, and support regulators and advocates to enact bold regulations.

RMI is bringing the benefits of clean energy to all by transforming global power systems to support modern, low-carbon economies.

Market Levers

Business Models

Innovations to flip utilities from foes to champions


Capital models to support early retirement


Build capacity to empower leaders to act boldly

What We Do

  • Business Models and Regulatory Design

    Supporting comprehensive regulatory and business model reform and innovation to flip utilities from foes to champions.

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  • eLab: Electricity Innovation Lab

    Helping unlikely allies work together in developing critical electricity solutions.

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  • Managing the Coal Capital Transition

    Financing models to support retirement while offering a path toward a clean power sector.

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