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RMI’s Electricity Program supports the rapid transition to a low-carbon electricity system to power a secure, prosperous, and equitable US economy.

We’re transforming the US grid from one based on big power plants that burn fossil fuels to a combination of centralized large-scale renewables and distributed solutions right in our communities, businesses, and homes. We are putting the customer at the heart of the equation and empowering low-income households and communities to access energy efficiency and renewables, including community-scale solar.


Business Models and Regulatory Design

We aim to support three to five states that are committed to comprehensive regulatory and business model reform to drive a renewably powered electricity system by 2020.

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eLab: Electricity Innovation Lab

We provide a groundbreaking change lab to support innovation, collaboration, and the acceleration of the ideas that will transform the electricity system from the inside out.

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We are uniquely positioned to drive impact in the electricity sector.

We offer a compelling vision, a unique ability to convene key decision makers across traditional institutional boundaries, and the toolset and creativity to scale rapid innovation. Thanks to our market-based approach and analytical rigor, we have gained the trust of regulators and utility executives who need an organization like RMI to understand the opportunities and overcome the challenges inherent in such a massive transformation. Today, we’re again pushing the boundaries of what’s possible by expanding our network of partners and transforming an industry that needs our guidance and solutions now more than ever.