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We’re transforming the U.S. grid from one based on big central power plants that burn fossil fuels to a combination of centralized large-scale renewables and distributed solutions right in our communities, businesses, and homes. We are putting the customer at the heart of the equation and empowering low-income households and communities to access energy efficiency and renewables, including community-scale solar. And around the globe, we’re helping the energy-intensive mining industry adopt renewables and get off diesel, reducing both carbon emissions and energy costs.

global population that lives with unhealthy air
barrels of oil imported each day globally
electricity in the U.S. produced by fossil fuels
$ cost to U.S. businesses per year due to power outages

The way we produce, distribute, and use electricity is not sustainable, cost-effective, or healthy, causing air pollution that harms human and environmental health and contributing significantly to climate change.


electricity system transformation

Regulatory and Business Model Reform

Working with utilities and state regulatory commissions to evolve business and regulatory models and advance more sophisticated electricity rate structures

e-Lab: Electricity Innovation Lab

Convening critical industry players to identify promising reform approaches and strategize on how to scale them effectively to transform the electricity system from the inside out

Disruptive Technologies

Raising awareness of and support for emerging disruptive technologies that promise to deliver more transparency and efficiency, and lower operating costs to customers and the electricity grid as a whole


Renewable Energy Advancement

BRC: Business Renewables Center

Streamlining and accelerating corporate purchasing of large-scale wind and solar energy

Sunshine for Mines

Rapidly accelerating on-site renewable energy at mining operations around the globe

Black Bear Energy

Aiding large real estate companies in the U.S. with on-site renewable energy solutions


The RMI Difference

We are uniquely positioned to drive impact in the electricity sector. We offer a compelling vision, a unique ability to convene key decision makers across traditional institutional boundaries, and the toolset and creativity to scale rapid innovation. Thanks to our market-based approach and analytical rigor, we have gained the trust of regulators and utility executives who need an organization like RMI to understand the opportunities and overcome the challenges inherent in such a massive transformation. Today, we’re again pushing the boundaries of what’s possible by expanding our network of partners and transforming an industry that needs our guidance and solutions now more than ever.

Features and News

Satisfied customers choosing fridges in domestic appliances section


Economics of Demand Flexibility

Utility customers have had three options for meeting their electricity needs: buy it, make it, or eliminate it. But now they have a fourth option: to shift it through demand flexibility.


Economics of Load Defection

Grid-connected solar-plus-battery systems are coming, and could soon supply the majority of customers' electricity needs. This report explains why that matters and possible paths forward.


Electric Vehicles as Distributed Energy Resources

The electric vehicle market is one of the most rapidly changing and fastest-growing high-tech sectors in the global economy, representing the beginnings of a demand-side opportunity like no other: intelligent, interactive electricity demand. Are utilities ready?