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Presentation | 2024

Clean Repowering

Connecting Clean Energy to the Grid Faster and Cheaper by Leveraging Existing Interconnection Sites and Inflation Reduction Act Incentives

By Maria CastilloAlex EngelChristian FongKatie SiegnerClaire WaynerSarah TothUday Varadarajan
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Interconnection queues have emerged as a primary barrier to a rapid, cost-effective energy transition. Fortunately, there is a significant untapped opportunity for new clean energy resources to be developed at the site of existing fossil plants, enabling them to plug into the grid faster and at lower cost. We refer to this type of clean energy development as “clean repowering.” New RMI research and analysis reveal the interconnection processes and Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) incentives that enable this opportunity, as well as the geographies with the highest potential.

Clean Repowering opportunities by plant