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Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)’s mission is to transform global energy use to create a clean, prosperous, and secure low-carbon future.


We are an independent, nonpartisan nonprofit cofounded in 1982 by Amory Lovins, RMI’s chairman emeritus and chief scientist. RMI now has approximately 229 full-time staff, annual operations of $56 million, and a global reach and reputation.


RMI engages businesses, communities, institutions, and entrepreneurs to accelerate the adoption of market-based solutions that cost-effectively shift from fossil fuels to efficiency and renewables. We employ rigorous research, analysis, and whole-systems expertise to develop breakthrough insights. We then convene and collaborate with diverse partners—business, government, academic, nonprofit, philanthropic, and military—to accelerate and scale solutions. Learn More


LASTING IMPACT: We are accountable to have impact and deliver it through teamwork and external collaboration. Our work and reputation rest on three legs: quality, integrity, and independence.

BOLD INNOVATION: We encourage and support entrepreneurship and business building. We foster creativity and innovation.

UNRIVALED TEAM: We attract, motivate, develop, and retain the best group of diverse people. We combine humility in our behavior with boldness in our strategic thinking.

EFFECTIVE FRUGALITY: We use our resources thoughtfully and transparently. We promote a healthy balance between work and personal life.


Globally, the demand for fossil fuels is still strong, even as the severe impacts of climate change grow clearer. Policy and advocacy are struggling and can’t succeed on their own. That is why we’re transforming industries to radically reduce carbon emissions and helping nations to develop sustainably.

Industry and business are best placed to transform energy use because when markets lead, change happens at massive scale, and climate-friendly policies and politics follow. But sometimes markets need help shifting to new ways of doing business. Many cost-effective, low-carbon technologies exist today that can scale faster, and RMI is a trusted partner to make that happen in boardrooms and factory floors around the world.

RMI’s approach is to THINK bigger, DO boldly, and SCALE globally. We apply rigorous research, analysis, and whole-systems expertise to unlock market-based solutions that can be replicated and implemented now. We demonstrate these solutions in the real-world, then we design and develop mechanisms to scale these solutions at the rate required to meet the climate challenge head-on. We don’t do it alone. With philanthropic support, we convene and collaborate with diverse partners—business, government, academic, nonprofit, philanthropic, and military—to accelerate and scale solutions that tackle the toughest long-term problems. Learn more about our five year vision.

Abundance by Design®
We provide services that help businesses, communities, and institutions save energy and natural resources, prevent pollution, and strengthen communities. Abundance is the opposite of scarcity. It substitutes sufficiency for privation, contentment for envy, tranquility for conflict, synergy for trade-offs. Just as waste spawns scarcity, elegant frugality fosters abundance. RMI creates abundance through advancing solutions that wring far more benefit from energy, materials, and other resources, and showing people how to do more and better with less for longer. We reveal how to meet the needs of a clean, prosperous, and secure world not by felling the last tree and catching the last fish, but by innovative design, rigorously applied and vigorously promoted.

Natural Capitalism
We apply the framework of natural capitalism to all of our work. “natural capital” refers to the earth’s natural resources and the ecological systems that provide vital life-support services to society and all living things. These services are of immense economic value; some are literally priceless, since they have no known substitutes. Yet current business practices typically fail to take into account the value of these assets—which is rising with their scarcity. As a result, natural capital is being degraded and liquidated by the very wasteful use of resources such as energy, materials, water, fiber, and topsoil.

Sustainability Initiatives
At RMI we want our programs to have a big impact on the world. And we want to do it with a minimal environmental footprint. That’s why we try to “walk the talk” every day. Read about the sustainability initiatives that help us minimize our carbon impact. Learn More.

At Rocky Mountain Institute we are practitioners, not theorists. We do solutions, not problems. We do transformation, not incrementalism.

‐Amory Lovins, Founder and Chairman Emeritus
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We now have over 160 employees around the world. Meet our amazing staff.


Amory Lovins cofounded RMI in 1982 to pioneer the soft energy path. Read about our beginnings and how we got to where we are today.

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We have offices in Boulder and Basalt, CO; New York City; Washington, D.C.; and Beijing, China.

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At RMI, we are committed to creating impact from the philanthropic investments of our donors.

Five Year Vision

We at RMI believe we must have a plan to shape our future it in the direction that will do the most good, and make a difference in accelerating the low-carbon energy transition.

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RMI is governed by a board of trustees that has complete oversight responsibility for the Institute.

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We believe finding the balance between working to live and living to work is a mutually beneficial relationship between employee and employer.