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US Policy

The Hydrogen Credit Catalyst

How US Treasury guidance on a new tax credit could shape the clean hydrogen economy, the future of American industry, and orient the power sector for full decarbonization.

US Policy

Policy Memo: Clean Hydrogen Abatement

Scaling up green hydrogen can help accelerate our clean energy future. Green hydrogen is the process by which hydrogen is created using clean energy sources. In this memo, RMI outlines policy recommendations for successful and…

US Policy

Creating an Equitable and Durable US Climate Policy

President Biden’s national target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 50–52 percent from 2005 levels by 2030 is also a roadmap for economic prosperity. Massive investments in clean electricity generation, energy efficiency, and electrification technologies will…

US Policy

RMI’s US Federal Climate Policy Imperatives

This policy memo series focuses on federal government action that can move the United States closer to limiting warming to 1.5° Celsius, build a sustainable economy, and create lasting, quality jobs.


Policies for Better Buildings

Cities are setting goals on a pathway to zero or near-zero carbon, but they must address their biggest source of carbon emissions—existing buildings—using thoughtful policies to swiftly and cost-effectively deploy energy efficiency and distributed renewable…