Our Work

RMI is intensely focused on transforming how we produce and use energy.

Because energy is 70% of the problem

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RMI is tackling the climate crisis by focusing on its main contributor: energy production and use, which represents 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Global Programs

  • Carbon-Free Electricity

    Accelerating the transition to clean electricity around the world.

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  • Carbon-Free Buildings

    Powering our homes​ and businesses without​ fossil fuels​

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  • Carbon-Free Transportation

    Catalyzing an electric, connected, and equitable transportation future

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  • Climate-Aligned Industries

    Supercharging efforts to decarbonize global industry

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  • Breakthrough Technologies

    Scaling climate tech and opening new markets for innovation

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  • Climate Intelligence

    Empowering climate action by making emissions visible

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  • Urban Transformation

    Helping cities move from climate commitment to climate action

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  • Global South

    Building climate-resilient communities that empower the most vulnerable​

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  • China Program

    Accelerating China toward a zero-carbon 2050

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  • India Program

    Accelerating India's transition to a clean energy economy for all

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  • US Program

    Supporting unified and sustained US clean energy and climate movement

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