India Program

Accelerating India's Transition to a Clean Energy Economy for All


in urban population growth by 2050

US $266

billion investment required for India's EV future

450 GW

of installed renewable capacity targeted by 2030

We Must

Transition to shared, electric, and connected passenger mobility and cost-effective, clean, and optimized freight transport

Support electricity market reforms and adoption of new utility business models to favor clean energy portfolios

Define a pathway to make all new buildings net-zero energy by the end of the decade

RMI Will

Build confidence and commitment for ambitious policy action by defining cost-effective, technically feasible transition pathways and contextualizing international best practices.

Partner with industry to resolve system-level barriers and enable large-scale deployments of clean technologies.

Increase capacity for public-private collaboration on the energy transition through joint research and facilitated forums.

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RMI's India program collaborates with government and industry leaders to create clean, resilient, and equitable energy and mobility systems.

Market Levers

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Equip decision-makers with technoeconomic analysis and best practices

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Stimulate demand for and supply of clean technologies

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Deploy early demonstrations and resolve system-level barriers

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Identify financial and procurement innovations to reduce costs

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Build broad public support for clean energy solutions

What We Do

  • National Policy Support

    Partnering with central government agencies to support the development of transformative clean energy policies.

  • Urban Mobility Lab

    The Urban Mobility Lab is a platform that supports a replicable process to transform the way goods and people move in Indian cities by identifying, integrating, implementing, and scaling cost-effective and clean pilot projects.

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  • Zero-Emissions Freight

    Industry and policy engagement to accelerate adoption of clean freight solutions

  • Lighthouse DISCOMs

    Partnership with states and discoms to deploy leading examples of clean energy portfolios


Research & Analysis