Global South

Building Climate-Resilient Communities that Empower the Most Vulnerable​


people risk climate displacement by 2050


without access to electricity


in population growth by 2030

We Must

Achieve first clean energy projects

Prioritize clean energy portfolios

Scale lessons learned & energy leadership

RMI Will

Ensure communities have access to affordable, reliable, and clean power—while enhancing resilience and addressing energy poverty.

Bring together governments and utilities to plan and deploy clean energy solutions to augment existing grids and increase access.

Facilitate communities of practice to incubate and connect energy leaders driving local energy transitions.

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RMI is accelerating distributed energy resources as a conduit for clean, affordable, and equitable power.

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Sir Richard Branson

Founder, Virgin Group

We’ve been so inspired by RMI’s hard work, commitment, vision and focus on holding the world to a 1.5 degree target. This is the decisive decade, and what we do now, and how quickly we do it, will determine what type of world we leave for future generations.

What We Do

  • Africa Energy Program

    Accelerating energy access and stimulating economic growth by enabling clean energy adoption in sub-Saharan Africa.

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  • Islands Energy Program

    Partnering with islands to accelerate their transition to affordable, resilient renewable energy — creating a cleaner, prosperous future for all.

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  • Southeast Asia

    Prioritizing energy independence, inclusive economic development, and clean urban environments for a secure energy future.

  • Energy Transition Academy

    The Energy Transition Academy (ETA) aims to empower energy professionals to be leaders of clean energy economies in the Global South and have a meaningful role in international climate action.

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  • Climate Finance Access Network

    A Climate Finance Access Network (CFAN) could substantially improve the capacity of low-income countries to unlock funding for green investment.

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