Max Lainfiesta

Max Lainfiesta

  • Global South

Max is a manager on RMI’s Global South Program, leading the ambitious expansion of solar-and-battery microgrid deployments throughout Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and other Caribbean nations. While his primary goal is to scale these deployments, he also aims to bolster community resilience in the face of emergencies and natural disasters, simultaneously reducing the overall cost of electricity, particularly for disadvantaged communities. Max is driven by a strong commitment to foster a just and equitable energy transition, addressing the most pressing issues and catalyzing coalitions of stakeholders to overcome systemic barriers in countries and ensure fairness throughout the transition process.


Max brings a wealth of expertise to RMI, holding a PhD in Sustainable Energy Systems Engineering and a master’s degree in Renewable Energy. He has designed and installed a diverse range of energy systems, including uninterrupted power supplies, energy efficiency, battery energy-storage systems, small wind turbines, solar dehydration systems, hybrid microgrids, small- to commercial-scale solar water-heaters, and small- to utility-scale solar PV systems. Max’s proficiency extends to computational optimization and modeling, enhancing his ability to solve complex problems. Most of Max’s work is dedicated to supporting sustainable energy development in developing countries.

Education & Awards

Ph.D., Sustainable Energy Systems Engineering, Texas A&M University-Kingsville

M.S., Renewable Energy, Galileo University of Guatemala, magna cum laude and valedictorian

Fulbright Scholar


Boulder, CO

Authored Works