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Justin Locke

Managing Director
  • Global South

Justin Locke is the Managing Director of RMI’s Global South program. Justin also is responsible for international strategic partnerships and resource mobilization with the multilateral and bilateral community at RMI.


Justin previously held the position of Infrastructure (Disaster Risk Management) Specialist at the World Bank where he managed the Caribbean adaptation and infrastructure portfolio. Before his tenure at the World Bank, Justin worked for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in the Pacific Region—holding the role of Development Specialist at the UNDP Regional Pacific Center based in Fiji which provides technical assistance to over 14 Pacific island countries. He also held the position of Community and Recovery Specialist for the UNDP Multi-Country Office based in Samoa where he managed the Polynesian sub-region portfolio.


MPA, Public Administration in International Management, Monterey Institute of International Studies
BA, University of California, Davis


Washington, D.C.



Authored Works
Fanning Island, also known as Tabuaeran, is one of the islands of Republic of Kiribati.

Why Disappearing Islands Should Matter to All of Us

The Republic of Kiribati is disappearing. The group of 33 Pacific Islands, home to more than 100,000 people, is one of the most vulnerable nations in the world to climate change. As the islands average only six feet above sea level, they are the proverbial canary in the coal…


Solar Under Storm

One of the key recommendations of this report is to ensure inclusive multi-stakeholder collaboration. This entails communicating clear market signals to suppliers and upstream equipment providers and coordinating closely among practitioners and installers.


Green Stimulus in the Caribbean

Distributed energy resources (DERs) bring multiple benefits not only to electricity systems but also to communities and economies. Many islands in the Caribbean are transitioning from electricity systems that are traditionally centralized in nature and powered by fossil fuels to a new paradigm incorporating DERs.


Combating Climate Change: How Islands Can Go Further Together

This blog post was adapted from a keynote presentation given at the Pacific Power Association Annual Conference and was originally posted on Virgin.com. I was in Rarotonga, the capital of the Cook Islands in the South Pacific, in 2010, after the island of Aitutaki—just a few kilometers south of…


Rebuilding the Caribbean for a Resilient and Renewable Future

Last week, Hurricane Irma ripped through the Caribbean with devastating fury. Its 185-mph winds smashed buildings, downed trees and power lines, overturned trucks, and tossed boats ashore like toys. Its storm surges turned streets into raging rivers and flooded whole communities. Irma, the strongest Category 5 hurricane on record in…


Energy Retrofit Guide for Caribbean Hospitals: A reference guide on deep energy retrofits for Caribbean hospital administrators

This guide was developed to provide healthcare administrators in the Caribbean islands the resources necessary to find energy savings for their facilities, finance those savings, and follow through with the activities necessary to realize those savings. The guide has an accompanying website (www.hospitalretrofits.org) that serves as an easy-to-use tool to…