Zsaria Diaz

Zsaria Diaz

  • Global South

Zsaria is an associate with the Islands Energy Program where she supports renewable energy and resilience projects based primarily in the Caribbean region. She is currently working on the development of solar PV and BESS microgrid projects that aim to reduce fuel costs while also providing islands with increased resilience in the face of severe weather events.


Prior to joining RMI, Zsaria was a part-time writer with a focus on renewable energy and sustainability. She published articles on topics such as geothermal energy, hydrogen, and e-mobility. She also worked as an editor and correspondent for the CESaRE Impacts magazine, a publication of the academic NGO, Journal of CESaRE, which aims to open closed-access research on environmental sciences and renewable energy in the Caribbean.


BSc., Chemical and Process Engineering, University of the West Indies
MSc., Renewable Energy Technology, University of the West Indies


Trinidad & Tobago