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Wayne Omonuwa

Nigeria Energy Lead
  • Global South

Wayne Omonuwa is the Nigeria Energy Lead for RMI’s Global South program, working with the public and private sector in Nigeria and West Africa to increase access to reliable, affordable, and sustainable electricity and expand local economic growth.


Prior to joining RMI’s Africa Energy program, Wayne provided consultancy services to both the on-grid and off-grid sector in Nigeria. He founded WEC, an independent consultancy practice which focuses its advisory services in improving energy reliability and energy access in Nigeria. As an advisor in the energy market, Wayne has supported the deployment of decentralized electricity systems to augment grid supply through setting up a minigrid desk for a distribution company, providing access to finance to minigrid developers, and acting as the transaction advisor for the development of interconnected minigrids both in peri-urban and commercial areas in Nigeria.

Due to his expertise in the sustainability market in Nigeria, Wayne provided his consultancy services to the World Bank by leading a deep-dive study of the off-grid renewable energy sector in Nigeria to increase the drive of investment in commercial clusters. His past advisory work also includes setting up an energy management unit within a distribution company to support energy dispatch process for grid augmentation solutions and reduction of aggregated technical, commercial, and collection losses. Wayne was also a power market advisor for a DFID funded infrastructure program in Nigeria focusing on-grid solutions.


MSc, International Management, Henley Business School, UK

BEng (Honors), Electronic Engineering, University of Reading, UK