Genevieve Lillis

Genevieve Lillis

Senior Associate
  • Carbon-Free Electricity

Genevieve is a Senior Associate in RMI’s Carbon-Free Electricity Program. She conducts research and analyzes data on the US electricity sector including market structures, system planning tools, customer programs, technology costs, and regulatory mechanisms that support cost-effective clean investments. Providing direct support to utilities, regulators, advocates and corporations, she has examined the role of distributed solar, demand flexibility, and energy efficiency to accelerate system-wide electricity decarbonization. Leveraging this research, Genevieve has focused on comprehensive electricity system planning approaches that evaluate the opportunity for distributed energy resource assets to improve grid reliability and resilience.

Genevieve is currently leading an assessment of global progress on electricity decarbonization and grid modernization, as well as a project-focused accelerator in Nigeria to debug and scale the profitable use of minigrid electricity in agriculture.


In her time at RMI, Genevieve has also been a project manager on the Electricity Innovation Lab, where she has facilitated discussions with leading practitioners from diverse institutional backgrounds to solve critical questions at the frontier of the energy transition.

Prior to joining RMI, Genevieve interned with the Sustainability Unit of 4 Pines Brewing Company. During this time she implemented a supply chain management strategy for the brewery’s raw materials to be assessed as part of the B Corp Certification. In Melbourne, Genevieve worked on a sustainable bait fishing campaign for Clifton Consulting Group, focused primarily on stakeholder engagement concerning amended legislation.

Pursuing her passion for snowboarding, Genevieve lived in Japan and Canada before moving to Colorado.


B.S., Environmental Science, University of Melbourne, Australia

Master’s Degree in Agricultural Sciences, Sustainable Food Production, University of Melbourne, Australia