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Sakhi Shah

  • Carbon-Free Electricity

Sakhi works on technical and economic analysis in clean energy planning. She has been recently focusing on modeling US corporate renewable energy procurement and on electricity generation resource planning in Malawi.


Prior to RMI, Sakhi worked on validation and commercialization of clean energy technologies at AES Next, the incubation and investment arm of the AES Corporation. She has also researched high-energy systems for economic growth in developing countries at the Center for Global Development and the Energy for Growth Hub.

Before moving to the United States, Sakhi worked on sanitation and waste water treatment in low-income communities with Shelter Associates in India and a civil engineering firm in Kenya. Additionally, she worked on sustainability in snack foods manufacturing at PepsiCo UK.


MSc, Civil and Environmental Engineering with Energy focus, Carnegie Mellon University

MSc, Engineering and Technology Innovation Management, Carnegie Mellon University

BEng, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Nottingham, UK


Washington D.C.

Authored Works

Move Over Coal. Renewables Can Power Economic Development in Malawi.

Malawi needs more energy. The electric grid of this African country of 19 million can currently meet around 520 MW of peak demand. In contrast, South Africa, with approximately three times the population, can meet a peak electricity demand around a hundred times that of Malawi. The result? Many Malawians…