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Siana Teelucksingh

Senior Project Manager
  • Global South

Siana Teelucksingh is a Senior Project Manager on RMI’s Global South program. She is part of a coalition on the Puerto Rico Initiative that works to unlock opportunities for low- to moderate-income individuals, organizations, and businesses to access financing for critical facility microgrids. She also supports the Integrated Resource and Resilient Plan for Belize, as well as the Projects Team in developing renewable and resilient installations across the Caribbean portfolio. Siana’s TEDx Talk is available here: Our energy source is being used against our best interest? | TEDxPortofSpain.


Siana has worked in the renewable energy space in the Caribbean for more than seven years. Before RMI, she worked at the Clinton Climate Initiative. While there, she worked closely with RMI on a number of national energy transition strategies. She also built financial models for governments in islands in the Caribbean and Indian Ocean which provided insight in deciding upon optimal investment pathways for solar.


MSc., Sustainable Energy Futures, Imperial College London

BSc., Petroleum Geoscience, University of the West Indies


Trinidad & Tobago

Authored Works

The Power of Microgrids in the Global Energy Transition

Electricity grids are the largest machines in human history, comprised of diverse equipment used to generate and transmit the power that enables our modern lifestyle. Behind the equipment and vast network of connections are the system operators, the people who ensure that our electricity needs are met at every second.