Anibal Gomez-Contreras

Senior Associate
  • Global South

Anibal is a senior associate with the Energy Transition Academy, as part of RMI’s Global South Program. His work focuses on empowering stakeholders across emerging and developing markets and vulnerable communities to transition to renewable energy, specifically through grassroots skill development, training, and leadership enhancement. Anibal’s interests concern equity in climate justice, ensuring low-income communities and communities of color are not left behind by innovations in sustainable technology and urban transformation.


Prior to joining RMI, Anibal worked as an advocacy fellow for Desegregate CT, a grassroots organization focused on zoning and housing reform in the state of Connecticut. Anibal’s research on the negative impact of strict zoning laws and, subsequently, presenting the data to state legislators helped pass a legislation in Connecticut to reform the outdated restrictive zoning ordinances that historically perpetuated racial segregation. Anibal’s research focused on trust in governments during crisis, levels of female political representation in East Africa, and the sociopolitical climate across North Africa.


B.A., Political Science and French Studies, Trinity College (Connecticut)


Boulder, CO