Vikram Singh

Senior Director
  • Chief Executive Office
  • Global South

Vikram is a Senior Director at RMI and currently serves in the office of the CEO as a subject matter expert and thought leader to the international community on topics ranging from climate finance access, capacity building, scaled ambition, and climate adaptation and mitigation. He is currently charged with designing and executing partnerships, strategies, communications, and campaigns to influence the international community, including large funding organizations and windows. Vikram also participates in panels, discussions, and meetings designed to highlight the climate needs of the Global South and helps to represent RMI at global events such as the U.N.-sponsored Conference of the Parties (COP).


Vikram comes to RMI from the United Nations, where he held key policy positions, including the establishment of the organization’s first Enterprise Risk Management framework. In other capacities, he was also charged with developing strategic funding strategies to facilitate the organization’s mobilization of $5 billion per year in combined resources in support of poverty reduction, resilience building, and income inequality issues. To that end, he coordinated with key constituencies including senior political figures (at the head of state and cabinet level), multilateral institutions, and international financial institutions such as the European Commission, civil society, and private-sector partners. Most recently, Vikram also served as Senior Adviser to the CFO of the United Nations Development Programme exploring, among other things, innovative financing models for the U.N. development system.

In addition to his time at the U.N., Vikram also served as the first Co-Regional Director for Asia Pacific at 100 Resilient Cities (pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation). In this capacity, Vikram oversaw urban resilience strategies in 12 cities across the Asia Pacific region and was critical to developing Rockefeller’s national strategies on urban resilience planning in China and India.


B.S., Finance & Economics, The George Washington University
MBA, International Business, The George Washington University


New York, NY