Wini Rizkiningayu

Wini Rizkiningayu

  • Global South

Wini serves as the principal for Southeast Asia, catalyzing a low-carbon future and the energy transition in the region. At RMI, Wini leverages her vast experience and insights to build strategic partnerships and design innovative solutions addressing the unique energy challenges in Southeast Asia. She envisions a future where energy is not merely a commodity but a tool for promoting social equity and environmental stewardship.


Wini started her career as a field engineer at Schlumberger and petrophysicist at Total E&P. She then had a pivotal stint at Paradigm, a geoscience solutions provider, where she blended her technical expertise with strategic business development. After a decade in the fossil energy industry, Wini moved to the public sector, heading business development for the renewable energy and technology portfolio at the New Zealand Trade Enterprise, where she helped businesses transition to renewable energy and underscored the importance of policy in facilitating clean energy sources. Seeking to deepen her understanding of energy policy, Wini pursued a master’s in Public Policy at the University of Oxford on the prestigious Chevening scholarship. Her time at Oxford, which includes her research stint at The Oxford Martin School, furnished her with a nuanced understanding of energy policy and sustainability. She then joined a field strategy fellowship in Schmidt Future, focusing on energy transition and skilling in low-middle-income countries. In her spare time, she volunteers, mentors, and advises youth policy initiative and social impact organizations.


BSc, Electronics and Instrument Science, Gadjahmada University, Indonesia
MPP, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford
Graduated with merit. Belong to Exeter college