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Report | 2022

Pune City Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan

Roadmap to Build Pune as India’s First EV Ready City

By Pune Municipal Corporation with technical support from RMI and RMI India
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In India’s largest state economy, Maharashtra, cities are preparing to lead the electric vehicle (EV) transition following the notification of the state’s EV policy in 2021. Pune, the second most populous city in Maharashtra, is a recognized leader on EVs and clean mobility. To implement national and state government EV policies on the ground and foster innovation in its electric mobility ecosystem, the Pune Municipal Corporation prepared the Pune City Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan with technical support from RMI and RMI India. The plan is the first of its kind for an Indian city and is planned to be implemented by the Pune City EV cell, a centralised governance body, constituted for facilitating EV ecosystem-related developments in the city and coordinating the actions of government departments, industry, and residents.

The plan sets an ambitious target of 25 percent EV penetration by 2025 and proposes nine actionable solutions for implementation by the city’s EV stakeholders over the next five years. The solutions were generated by over 100 stakeholders during the first City EV Accelerator workshop, hosted in December 2021. Each actionable solution outlines implementation details, including key steps, responsible stakeholders, and timeline.

Exhibit 2 EV Pune chart

The Pune Municipal Corporation, RMI, and RMI India hope that the Pune City Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan can serve as an example for other cities in India and around the world to develop a robust EV ecosystem at the local level and enable the transition to an all-electric future.