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Productive Uses of Energy in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, the productive use of electricity will be key to achieve national targets of universal electrification. This study identifies opportunities to electrify agricultural productive uses in Ethiopia and explores prevalent activities, community practices, and economic returns that indicate the potential benefits for rural communities.

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Sub-Saharan Africa Stimulus Strategy

Energy challenges are one of the common features of current disruptions in sub-Saharan African countries in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Nigeria’s First Commercial Undergrid Minigrid Project

The solar hybrid project in Mokoloki community is Nigeria’s first rural commercial undergrid minigrid, which came online in February 2020. Early evidence indicates the project will improve electricity service, support community development, and reduce utility losses.

Solar Under Storm

One of the key recommendations of this report is to ensure inclusive multi-stakeholder collaboration. This entails communicating clear market signals to suppliers and upstream equipment providers and coordinating closely among practitioners and installers.