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Industry Leaders Rally around Pathways for Decarbonization

We are in a race against time to decarbonize the global economy and preserve a stable, livable climate. Avoiding the worst outcomes of global warming will take an all-out effort by all of society—from policymakers to business leaders to civic institutions to the general public. In the approach…

Shipping and Aviation Plan to Go Net Zero. How?

This week has seen a seismic shift, with the global maritime shipping and aviation industries both committing to move to net zero by 2050. For the shipping industry, this is further progress on the landmark Poseidon Principles. For aviation, this shows a new level of ambition. But…

RMI Is All over NYC Climate Week

When it comes to eliminating greenhouse gas pollution and moving to a sustainable energy future, RMI addresses the many problems of the energy transition from the most critical angles. So it should be no surprise that our presence at Climate Week NYC (September 20–26) ranges across sectors, geographies, and…

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Sustainable Ship Loans Set Sail

We cannot overstate how crucial oceans are to sustaining human life. They produce over half of the world's oxygen and absorb 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere. The maritime shipping sector, however, generates around 2.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, and climate change is causing ocean acidification, killing coral reefs, and lowering ocean oxygen levels. Decarbonizing shipping is deeply linked to preserving our oceans.