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Anheuser-Busch delivery truck

Clean Energy 101: Electric Trucks

Trucks are going electric, from your favorite pickup, to the delivery van dropping off your packages, to the big rigs that haul freight across the interstates.

Electric Trucks Can Move Our Stuff Today

Popular passenger pickup trucks like the Ford F-150 aren’t the only thing going electric. RMI recently determined that a large portion of medium- and heavy-duty (MHD) trucks in California and New York are currently electrifiable, meaning that today’s fossil-fuel powered rigs could be replaced with EVs available now or…

Electric Trucks Make Sense—We Now Have the Data to Prove It

Pat Brandon has been hauling wine from Sonoma to Napa county for 10 years as a driver for Biagi Bros. But now, he is doing it in an electric truck and couldn’t be prouder. “The first time I ever drove this truck I was like, ‘What, you picked me to…


Shoonya Will Electrify Urban Deliveries in India—Is the World Next?

The 21st century has made buying things easier than ever. With a web search and the click of a mouse, you can buy almost anything: from a large-screen TV to lunch. And instead of traveling to the store, the goods come to you. Almost invisible to the consumer, the package…

Colorful Indian truck on a highway near Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Electrifying Trucking from Delhi to Shenzhen & San Francisco

Across the world, the sheer volume of goods being moved over highways, roads, and city streets grows by the day. Global road freight demand, driven by GDP and population growth, is expected to increase by more than 45 percent over the next two decades—leading to over 60…