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COP26 Keeps 1.5 Degrees in Reach

The UN Climate Change Conference (COP) has historically been a venue for international diplomacy and country-to-country negotiations. Countries were expected to arrive in Glasgow for COP26 with new nationally determined contributions (NDCs, otherwise known as pledges) that would meet the targets under the 2015 Paris Agreement. As in previous years,…

Clean Energy Has Won the Economic Race

This article was first published on Project Syndicate For decades, we at RMI have argued that the transition to clean energy will cost less and proceed faster than governments, firms, and many analysts expect. In recent years, this outlook has been fully vindicated: costs of renewables have consistently fallen…

aerial view of solar panels on houses

Fighting Climate Change on the Home Front

What if you could help combat climate change from your home without lifting a finger? Imagine if you could ask your utility, with the click of a button, to supply your home with 100 percent carbon-free energy. Imagine if the appliances in your home could automatically reduce the emissions from…