Installation of outdoor air conditioning on a tall building on the crane

Energy Efficiency

Why High-Efficiency Cooling Is a Climate Priority

The world leaders of the Group of Seven, better known as G7, released a long communique following their recent meeting in Cornwall, detailing their plans to address the COVID-19 pandemic and “build back better.” In a departure from the previous G7 meeting in 2019, which ended with a…

view of a tiny house

Passive Cooling in a Tiny House

In this post, we look at some passive cooling strategies that help keep an innovative tiny house comfortable during California summers, without the use of a mechanical cooling system.

Efficient, Resilient Buildings Can Help Texas Weather the Next Crisis

When the power went out across large swaths of Texas in February, the deadly crisis exposed vulnerabilities from the grid level down to individual homes. Unwinterized power plants and fuel-supply systems failed under extreme conditions, constricting the state’s supply of electricity. At the same time, the demand for electricity…

After Pipeline Rejection, New York Must Chart a New Energy Path

In May, the State of New York put an end to the $1.4 billion Northeast Supply Enhancement gas pipeline into New York City by denying a crucial water permit. Now state leaders have an opportunity to pursue the efficiency and electrification solutions that can both ensure reliable energy supply and…

Solutions for India’s Cooling Quandary

Last month consumers across India received a jolt when they were delivered their electricity bills. The combined effects of stay-at-home measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, the sweltering heat of the Indian summer, and increased usage of energy intensive appliances such as air conditioners resulted in electricity bills being up to ten times higher than normal.