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Building Electrification

Heat Pumps: A Practical Solution for Cold Climates

It’s almost winter in the Northern Hemisphere; time for people to snuggle up with their families (including the four-legged members), cultivate the now-international practice of hygge, and find other ways to deal with the relative lack of sun. The cold is coming, and with it comes the question of…

Washington Can’t Wait to Electrify

In the midst of 2020 election limbo, the Washington State Department of Commerce quietly released a draft of its Washington State 2021 Energy Strategy. And it’s clear that Washington is not on track to reach its 2030 commitment target or its deeper decarbonization emissions target of being carbon neutral…

New York Backs Major Building Decarbonization Initiative

Today, few buildings in the world are carbon neutral, or produce net-zero carbon emissions, but as the electric grid decreases its reliance on fossil fuels, the building stock must wane its dependence on carbon producing systems inside buildings in turn. For owners of large buildings in dense urban environments, implementing…