Building Electrification

Reality Check: The Myth of Stable and Affordable Natural Gas Prices

This winter, natural gas prices are spiking across the United States and are expected to cause high heating bills throughout the heating season. The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasts that residential gas prices will be 27 percent higher than last winter on average, while electricity prices will…

Typical low-rise apartment building

Investing in Healthier Low-Income Housing

Low-income communities continue to grapple with poor housing quality, high energy costs, and disproportionate health burdens stemming from fossil fuel pollution in their homes and communities.

Federal Efficiency Standards: A Win for Families, Health & Climate

Sometimes, seemingly mundane regulations can have big, far-reaching impacts. As an example of this, the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) proposed ruling last week on efficiency standards for gas furnace & heaters could lead to a win for the pocketbooks of families, for the health of communities and children,…

Why Heat Pumps Are the Answer to Heat Waves

As a record-breaking heat wave scorched the Pacific Northwest earlier this summer and again this week, killing hundreds of people in the United States and Canada, many residents realized the predictably mild summers they knew no longer exist. Scientists are clear that climate change will make…

Two flags of Canada in a front of a building

The Electrification and Deep Retrofit Potential of Canadian Federal Buildings

In the face of the climate crisis, organizations are looking to electrification and renewable energy as a way to get buildings, energy systems, and vehicles off of fossil fuels. But fears abound that plugging too many things into the grid could overwhelm the system and lead to blackouts. Over the…