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e-Lab: Electricity Innovation Lab

Five Tips for Virtual Meetings

Today is my 50-something day cooped up in my Brooklyn apartment. The blur of days has been punctuated with the familiar sounds of: “sorry, you are on mute” and “you froze for a second, can you repeat what you were saying?” Like many, I have had to innovate new ways…

Pipes or Wires?

This article is a guest posting by Audrey Schulman, co-executive director of HEET in Massachusetts. Audrey championed the Energy Shift Pilot Project, a project team at e–Lab Accelerator 2019. After the 2018 explosions in the Merrimack Valley, it has become a community priority…

Minnesota Accelerates Its Energy Transition with eLab’s Help

Minnesota is among the states leading the way in the transition to clean energy. Two of the state’s largest utilities have announced plans to achieve significant shares of carbon-free energy by 2030, and many other groups are working on similar innovative projects. Accordingly, the state’s energy community was…