e-Lab: Electricity Innovation Lab

How to Plan for a More-Distributed Grid, Part 1

This is the first blog in a three-part series. The second blog in this series is available here, and the third here. One of the main themes at the 2018 RMI Electricity Innovation Lab (e–Lab) Accelerator event, held in Sundance, Utah, in…

Show Me the Money: The Business Opportunity of Grid-Interactive Buildings

Utilities, grid operators, homeowners, and private- and public-sector building owners and operators are all buzzing about buildings that dynamically interact with the electric grid. They present an exciting opportunity to go beyond net-zero energy and provide valuable benefits to the electric grid and provide a significant financial return for building…

eLab Accelerator Explores Resilience Options in Sun Valley

The eLab Team is analyzing the solar and other renewable energy potential of the area to determine how much energy the area can produce locally, and the Institute is focused on how to finance the project through a mix of public and private money.

Second Annual eLab Accelerator Kicks Off This Week

This week, RMI's Electricity Innovation Lab (eLab) convenes the second annual eLab Accelerator. This intensive workshop brings together a dozen outstanding project teams making change at the grid’s distribution edge.