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Marshall Abramczyk

  • India Program

Marshall works on the Pathways to 1.5°C project, modeling the reduction of carbon emissions and the increase in sequestration due to disruptive technologies and practices in the energy and land-use sectors. He also works on the Transformative Mobility Solutions for the India Program. Marshall joined RMI in September 2016, following a summer internship.


Marshall comes to RMI with a background in oceanography and operations management. From 2009-2012, Marshall earned a M.S. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences from UCLA. His research focused on submesoscale ocean dynamics—a new frontier with challenging spatial and temporal scales. He performed in situ and remote sensing measurements to correlate surface signatures to subsurface dynamics and to theorize the impact of submesoscale dynamics on global ocean energy and circulation.

Following his degree, Marshall moved to Aspen and pursued interests in business and product development. He established a new position at an entrepreneurial ski company where he developed company infrastructure, managed operations, and designed skis and snowboards.


M.Sc., Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, University of California at Los Angeles

B.Sc., Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Environmental Sciences, University of California at Los Angeles

Why I Love Working Here

“Each day I am presented with exciting challenges, where the solutions we find have measurable impact.”


Boulder, CO