Carbon-Free Mobility

Catalyzing an Electric, Connected, and Equitable Transportation Future



of global energy GHG emissions


deaths/year from air pollution in China, India


source of US emissions

We Must

Drive zero-emissions freight

Electrify passenger fleets

Build EV charging infrastructure

RMI Will

Support final-mile early adoption and establish three medium/long haul electric trucking corridors.

Partner with government and industry to roll out initial deployments.

Equip policymakers and utilities with the technical know-how to accelerate change; establish three charging infrastructure "density zones" in target geographies.

RMI is ending tailpipe emissions to create cleaner air, save millions of lives, and align the transportation sector with a 1.5ºC target.

Market Levers


New approaches to overcome cost barriers


Scale supply- and demand-side action nationally and regionally


Innovation to bring EVs into the mainstream


Equip fleets and decision-makers with technoeconomic analysis and best practices

What We Do

RMI collaborates across three critical geographies—the United States, China, and India—to electrify the movement of people and goods and to expand access to EV charging infrastructure.

Mobility Innovation Lab

Facilitating collaborative innovation to transform transportation systems.

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Accelerating the economic sustainability of electric buses around the world.

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Scaling effective electric vehicle charging to support dramatically more EVs connected to the grid.

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Mobility Data

Demonstrating how better data and better analysis can both change behavior and improve transportation systems.

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Doubling freight efficiency in North America

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