Mobility Data

We focus on ways in which better data and better analysis can both change behavior and improve transportation systems.

What Is Mobility Data?

We use data from fleets and service providers to provide insights on usage patterns and EV charging to policymakers and utilities, accelerate vehicle electrification, develop solutions to commuting problems, and improve city transportation.

Why It Matters

Present societal and government trends, emerging technologies, and new tech-enabled transit businesses suggest that our current transportation system can change dramatically. RMI can play a unique and trusted role with this data, which has privacy implications and commercial value.

Our Team

Robert Hutchinson
Senior Fellow

Lynn Daniels

Lynn Daniels

dave headshot

Dave Mullaney


Interoperable Transit Data: Enabling a Shift to Mobility as a Service, 2015

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A Consortium Approach to Transit Data Interoperability, 2017

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Mobility in the Palm of Your Hand: The Opportunity of Transit Data, 2015

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