We are ensuring rapid learning and accelerating the economic sustainability of electric transit buses around the world.

What is the e-bus initiative?

The e-Bus initiative is a globally focused “think and do” program to grow the use of electric buses around the world and ensure it’s done in the most sustainable and economic manner.

Why it Matters

Electric buses have immediate climate and air quality benefits and the potential to save transit agencies money in the long term. However, there are significant hurdles to deployment including in procurement, operations, infrastructure, and financing.

Who’s Involved

We are working with fleets, transit agencies, and utilities to overcome hurdles to electrification, change how the bus segment of transit works, and by extension influence how other heavy vehicles are electrified and managed.

What We’re Doing

• Working with utilities to develop innovative financing approaches that reduce the capital barriers to electric transit buses and ensure low cost electricity.
• Rolling up our sleeves with transit agencies to help them deploy more electric buses combined with economic charging.
Fleet Electrification Resource Center: Helping all kind of fleets to learn best practices and to team up in electric vehicle procurement, charging infrastructure, and route operations.

Our Team

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Edward J. Klock-McCook

Chuck Ray

Ben Holland



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