Kelly Carlin

  • Global South

Kelly is a Manager for RMI’s Global South program. In this role he leads off-grid energy planning for governments in sub-Saharan Africa in close coordination with development partners and private sector solar home system and minigrid companies. Kelly has also worked on consumer mobile applications as a strategy for reducing traffic congestion and energy use in RMI’s Transportation practice.


Prior to joining RMI’s Research & Collaboration program, Kelly was the COO at Bandwagon, a taxi-sharing software startup based in New York City. While at Bandwagon, Kelly led business development and operations. With the CEO, he secured over $1MM in grant funding from NYSERDA and Verizon Communications. Kelly has also worked as a wilderness instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School and other wilderness education programs, leading expeditions in Alaska and the Canadian Arctic.


Carleton College, B.A. in English. Prior studies at Deep Springs College.


Boulder, CO