power lines and wind turbines over a solar field at sunset


Domestic bactrian camel at the background of the wind turbines in a steppe of Kazakhstan

Reimagining Resource Planning

Utilities and regulators have an opportunity to reimagine resource planning to ensure that it remains trusted, comprehensive, and aligned.

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Virtual Power Plants, Real Benefits

This analysis from RMI's VP3 illustrates the benefits of virtual power plants and describes key priorities for unlocking market growth.

mountaintop wind turbines with clouds

Power Planning to the People

Utility providers nationwide need to adopt new tools and methodologies to increase transparency and stakeholder participation.

Market Structures

Expanding and maturing markets are supporting investment in generation and grid infrastructure, putting new stress on the economics of coal, and improving the economics of renewables. In response, market parameters are evolving to support electricity reliability and affordability as systems accommodate higher levels of variable and distributed energy resources. This report highlights key trends and innovative examples to describe how power sector leaders are reforming market structures to accelerate the energy transition.