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Bridges to New Solar Business Models

Utilities, solar companies, and regulators can design and implement components of solar business model strategies today that provide a bridge to the future. These “bridge” business model strategies—including three complementary “building blocks” and discrete next steps—can start to create and capture value, while also providing best practices and lessons learned…

Low-Income Solutions in A High DER Future

The session explored how e-Lab could have a distinctive impact on addressing the needs of low-income (LI) and fixed-income (FI) customer groups, with a particular focus on the concerns of these groups as they face a changing electricity system and the rapid growth of distributed energy resources.

Transactive Energy

The session explored how platforms can enable value exchange of distributed energy resources, both vertically to the distribution and bulk power system, as well as horizontally through bilateral transactions from distributed resources.

Regulatory Tools and Processes for Distribution Planning

The session focused on the opportunities for e-Lab to fill a growing need of regulators and stakeholders for clearer insights about the system-level technical and economic effects of increasing adoption of distributed energy resources (DERs).