Tyler Fitch

Tyler Fitch

  • Carbon-Free Electricity

Tyler is a manager in RMI’s Carbon-Free Electricity Practice, where he leads analysis and collaboration to build a vision for a just, carbon-free electricity system. Tyler’s work takes a close look at how we plan to generate, transmit, and distribute power, and develops improvements to catalyze the deployment of affordable, reliable, zero-carbon power.


Before he joined RMI, Tyler was a senior associate at Synapse Energy Economics, where he consulted on issues across the clean energy transition, including resource planning, distributed energy resources, rate design, climate risk and stranded assets, and electrification. During his time at Synapse, Tyler provided expert input to regulators in Nova Scotia, Missouri, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, and his work is cited by institutions such as Bloomberg, S&P, and Business Insider. Tyler was also a regulatory director at Vote Solar, where he led regulatory interventions to deploy cost-effective, accessible solar power.

Tyler received a Master’s of Science from the University of Michigan’s School for the Environment and Sustainability, with a focus on environmental policy and planning. His graduate work included developing accessible community solar business models in Detroit and a biomass-renewable hybrid microgrid in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • MS, University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and the Environment, Environmental Policy and Planning
  • BS, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Environmental Sciences
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