Katerina Stephan

Senior Associate
  • Carbon-Free Electricity

Katerina is a senior associate on the Carbon-Free Electricity team where she leads on research and analysis to enable more equitable and climate-aligned grid planning. She is also a trained facilitator and has led virtual and in-person events to achieve client objectives.


Katerina joins RMI with a diverse portfolio of previous experiences. She did data analysis as a research assistant at the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority), she worked as a business analyst at a social enterprise focused on regenerative farming in Colombia, and she supported operations at AMS (formally known as Advanced Microgrid Solutions) as they closed out development of 50 MW of battery storage in southern California.

Her career path, albeit varied in position, location, and sector, is a testament to her passion for sustainability and her commitment to measurable, scalable impact.


BS, Economics, Northeastern University (with a minor in Social Entrepreneurship)


Boulder, CO