Jeff Sward

Jeff Sward

  • Carbon-Free Electricity

Jeff is an associate in RMI’s Carbon-Free Electricity Program. He develops open-source models that assess the risks associated with decarbonization pathways to ensure a fair allocation of costs and benefits. He is also interested in probabilistic forecasting, grid modeling, and spatial allocation issues.


Prior to joining RMI, Jeff completed his PhD at Cornell University, where he built modeling tools to aid wind and solar integration. In terms of spatial modeling, he conducted several studies on siting of utility-scale solar energy, including a review on the social aspects of solar development. The bulk of his later work was focused on using statistical data-driven methods to assess and enhance ensemble forecasts of solar and wind resources.

Before graduate school, he worked briefly as a mechanical engineer performing building energy modeling to support LEED certification.


BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of New Mexico
PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University