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Katie Mulvaney

  • Carbon-Free Electricity

Katie is a Senior Associate with the Carbon-Free Electricity team. She provides research and analysis on emerging trends to support RMI programs and collaborative initiatives to speed the energy system transition.

Katie Mulvaney was a contributing author of the Seven Challenges for Energy Transformation, a report that examines meeting the urgency of the climate challenge in the next 10 years.


Katie’s path to RMI lead her through the US nuclear power industry working as a mechanical and civil engineer, a Master’s program in Technology and Policy, and most recently graduate research on the global air pollution and health impacts of the Paris Agreement on climate change. She has analyzed systems of all sorts, from power plant piping systems, to the atmosphere transforming and carrying mercury, ozone, and particulate matter through the air we breathe, to the economic origins of these air pollutants.


Bachelor of Science, Engineering Science, Penn State University

Master of Science, Technology and Policy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Boulder, CO