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Charles Teplin

  • Carbon-Free Electricity

Chaz leads RMI’s Clean Competitive Grids team within RMI’s Carbon-Free Electricity program. The CCG team works to ensure that we build the necessary markets and grid infrastructure required for electricity to be the clean energy backbone of a carbon-free economy. The work includes wholesale markets, transmission, distribution, and equitable deep decarbonization planning.


Before joining RMI in 2018, Chaz fabricated and studied new photovoltaic materials and devices at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and built a wireless building controls system at Terralux, an LED lighting startup. Chaz has five patents and is the lead author of more than 40 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Twitter: @chazteplin


BA, Swarthmore College

PhD, Physics, University of Colorado at Boulder


Boulder, CO

Why I Love Working At RMI

“Every day I wake up and ask myself ‘What is the most important thing I can do today to create a sustainable, equitable, and carbon-free future?’ – and then I get to work on that.”

Authored Works

Clean Energy Is Not a Zero-Sum Game

Both science and our everyday reality are now screaming an inconvenient truth: Our climate is changing and forcing us to urgently respond. To meet this challenge, we must both build resilient infrastructure capable of adapting to extreme, unprecedented weather and quickly transition our energy system away from the fossil fuels…

wheat field with girl and wind turbines

What Is Needed to Meet US Climate Commitments

The United States has committed to reduce carbon pollution to at least 50-52 percent below 2005 levels by 2030 as part of rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement. This newly ambitious nationally determined contribution (NDC) recognizes the urgency for immediate action to reduce cumulative pollution and stabilize the climate. The NDC…


Minnesota Accelerates Its Energy Transition with eLab’s Help

Minnesota is among the states leading the way in the transition to clean energy. Two of the state’s largest utilities have announced plans to achieve significant shares of carbon-free energy by 2030, and many other groups are working on similar innovative projects. Accordingly, the state’s energy community was…