Report | 2022

Increasing Equitable EV Access and Charging

A path forward for states to accelerate electric vehicle adoption

By Alessandra R. Carreon, Edward J. Klock-McCook, Sudeshna Mohanty, Caitlin Odom, Charles Teplin, Sarah Toth
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Electric vehicles are more popular than ever. As demand rises and policies provide essential incentives, states need to act fast to ensure they are prepared to accommodate an influx of EVs. Most EV charging takes place at work or home, but a significant number of Americans live in apartments or condo buildings, which are often unequipped for charging. Thus, state funds and policies must be directed at ensuring all people can access and charge EVs.

This report outlines key policy recommendations for states and analyzes the potential impacts of a California ballot measure designed to boost EV adoption and charging infrastructure in low- to moderate-income communities.

Table of state policies to promote EV adoption

California Ballot Measure Could Transform EV Charging and Access


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Projected Impacts on EV Access and Charging in California

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