Amy Egerter

Amy Egerter

Amy is the former Technical Lead for the REALIZE initiative and project manager for REALIZE’s California Energy Commission grant. She was a key contributor to various projects within the Carbon-Free Buildings and Building Electrification programs.


Amy earned her B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering with a focus in Architectural Design and a M.S. in Sustainable Design and Construction at Stanford University. Her project work focused on how to achieve ambitious energy goals with collaborative, multidisciplinary teams. Following her studies, Amy worked as an environmental consultant to architects and developers at Atelier Ten. She joined RMI in 2016 and has previously worked on the Portfolio Energy Optimization and Pathways to Zero initiatives.


B.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering – Architectural Design

M.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering – Sustainable Design and Construction

LEED Accredited Professional

Certified Passive House Consultant