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Brady Seals

Brady Seals

Senior Associate
  • Building Electrification

Brady Seals is a senior associate in RMI’s Building Electrification program where she works at the junction of air quality, buildings, and human health. She engages stakeholders in rapidly transitioning to clean energy solutions that deliver environmental, health, and economic benefits.


Brady comes to RMI with a decade of renewable energy experience within the global household energy sector. Her interest in energy access began at a nonprofit promoting biofuels-based cookstoves. She has commercialized clean technologies and fuels by directing programs within the nonprofit and corporate sectors in more than 16 countries. Brady most recently worked as a consultant advising nonprofits, corporations, and multinationals on energy impact strategies and investments. Throughout her career, she has contributed to several research efforts to study, quantify, and communicate the climate and health benefits of air pollution-mitigating technologies and strategies.


MBA, University of South Dakota

B.A., Globalization Studies, Gettysburg College


Boulder, CO

Authored Works
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Air Pollution: Here for All Seasons?

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Indoor Air Pollution: the Link between Climate and Health

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