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Report | 2022

Population Attributable Fraction of Gas Stoves and Childhood Asthma in the United States

By Talor Gruenwald, Brady Seals, Luke Knibbs, H. Dean Hosgood III

What do secondhand smoke and gas stoves have in common? They both are associated with about 12 percent of current childhood asthma in the United States. Yet, while most people understand the negative health effects of secondhand smoke, many still don’t realize the public health hazard from this common appliance, despite decades of studies showing the negative effects.

New peer-reviewed research from RMI, the University of Sydney, and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine shows that 12.7 percent of current childhood asthma in the United States can be linked to gas stove use. And in some states, that number is much higher.

Percent of current childhood asthma associated with gas stove use in certain states

This report published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health is the first time that anybody has quantified how much gas stoves can be linked to childhood asthma in the United States.

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