Madeline Weir

Madeline Weir

Senior Associate
  • Carbon-Free Buildings

Madeline is a senior associate for the Carbon-Free Buildings program at RMI. Her work leverages cutting-edge analysis and community engagement to scale retrofit programs and innovative construction to make buildings safer, healthier, and more comfortable. She also co-leads the Women’s Forum at RMI.


Madeline’s niche at RMI has been stakeholder engagement strategy and communicating technical concepts through elegant language and online tools. Madeline joined RMI as an intern focusing on implementing net-zero, whole-building retrofits for affordable housing.

Before RMI, Madeline focused on economic development analysis for grassroots climate-justice movements in the Global South and for infrastructure solutions to mitigate the effects of sea-level rise. Madeline is also a documentarian who created a short film about CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

Education & Awards

B.A., International Economic Development, Tufts University
B.A., Film and Media Studies, Tufts University


Boulder, CO